Emergency & Critical Care

//   Emergency & Critical Care

Being the first one to start a full-fledged Emergency & Critical Care department in Kasaragod district, our EMCRIT services are delivered by highly experienced doctors from the PULSE EMCRIT team making our hospital take the first step in giving excellence in Emergency & Critical Care services. It’s just not only the experienced and qualified doctors in the speciality, but also the state of art Intensive Care unit with advanced life support systems and advanced monitoring modalities. We have the best imaging technology and Laboratory which provides the back up to the department. The forum of the hospital also offers residential Training Programmes in Critical Care Nursing and Critical Care Medicine under the experienced teachers.


  • Initial assessment and stabilization
  • Ultra quick diagnosis and resuscitation
  • Monitored care for interdepartmental shifts for imaging and interventions
  • High Intensity ICU care
  • Advanced Haemodynamic monitoring
  • Advanced life Support systems
  • 24*7 EMCRIT back up
  • Rehabilitation
  • Respiratory therapy services
  • ICU procedures
  • Parenteral nutrition
  • Code blue service 24*7
  • Fellowship programme
  • Residential training programmes for Critical Care Nursing
  • Home care
  • Patient party counselling